Settling in

Welcoming employees, facilitating integration

Working and living in a foreign country can be an exciting experience, but for many employees and their families the beginning is often quite stressful. The employees are eager to begin their new position but cannot devote their full attention to the company until their personal lives are on track.

Expat@Home will assist the new arrivals in a competent and welcoming manner, ensuring they feel at home right from the start and are able to concentrate on their assignment immediately. 

We can assist with:

  • Opening a Dutch bank account;
  • Selecting and enrolling children in day care and schools;
  • Assisting with Child Benefit;
  • Providing partner support and/or employment advice;
  • Selecting insurance policies;
  • Registering with health care providers; 
  • Obtaining a Dutch driver’s license;
  • Information on local services (public transport, waste disposal etc.);
  • Import procedure of car;
  • Research local (sports) clubs, cultural activities and other personal interests.