Your Partner in Immigration and Relocation

Capture the full value of your new international employee

Expat@Home provides top-quality expertise and a personalised service in the onboarding process of your international employees.

We offer advice and support in all aspects of the relocation process to enable your new arrivals to achieve their full potential and feel at home right from the start. 

By outsourcing your immigration and relocation activities to the experts of Expat@Home, you let us relieve you from non-core business activities and help you to achieve overall cost reduction in the relocation process. 

We work closely with the HR teams and the employees to achieve a well-managed transition, with minimum disruption to the work schedule of both employee and employer. 

We will ensure that your international employee will be operational straight upon arrival, able to immediately concentrate on his or her assignment without being preoccupied with the change of residence.

Our Services

Immigration and Registration

We guide you and your international employee through the cumbersome administrative immigration and visa processes in The Netherlands;

Relocation Services

We support your international employee with home searches, schooling, opening bank accounts etc. to allow for quick adaptation to life in The Netherlands;

Property Management

We take care of the financial and technical management of your company’s staff housing and/or the private property of your international employee.

On your request, all our services can be tailor-made.

What sets us apart

  • First and foremost, we are fully committed to our clients; we earn our customers’ trust by delivering top-quality results;
  • We provide a personalised service based on our personal experiences as former expats, built on our passion and compassion;
  • We offer a unique range of integrated services and are able to adjust our services to offer a tailored approach;
  • We guarantee one-stop shopping, including house search and rental advice;
  • We maintain strict confidentiality; our clients’ privacy is guaranteed at all times;
  • And more…

We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game