We ensure a smooth transition at the conclusion of the assignment

As soon as the end of the international assignment is in sight, the final part of our relocation services begins. This phase is often very stressful for the employee with a seemingly endless list of things to do. 

Expat@Home can assist with hassle-free departure logistics for your employee and his/her family and ensure that there are no loose ends at the end of the assignment.

We can assist with:

  • Termination of rental agreement;
  • Arranging professional cleaning;
  • Negotiation of issues with the landlord and occupier;
  • Formally handing over the property to landlord;
  • Arranging deposit return;
  • De-registration with the local authorities;
  • Cancellation utilities and TV/internet;
  • Membership deregistration;
  • Deregistration from medical practice and dentist;
  • Closing down bank account;
  • Arranging the move itself;
  • Forwarding of mail.