Our goal is to make your transition as smooth as possible.

Your partner in property management and expat relocation services

We offer tailor-made packages, handling all aspects of the relocation process to newly hired employees. Whether you need full support or only assistance with certain aspects of the relocation to the Netherlands, we will provide a comprehensive, flexible and personalised service to ensure a comfortable settling-in process.


Are you living abroad and wishing to rent out your property in The Netherlands? Entrust the management of your property to Expat@Home and we will safeguard you from the landlord-worries! Our Property Management service is committed to professional, efficient and cost effective management of your property in the international setting of The Hague.


No more landlord-worries

If you are moving abroad but continue to hold property in the Netherlands, you can outsource the management of your property to Expat@Home and save time, energy and cost. We distinguish ourselves from our competition by working on a competitive hourly rate rather than charging yearly set fees. We fully align a carefree property management package to your wishes and situation. This makes us a very flexible and attractive partner.


We cover services from preventive maintenance, garden maintenance, interaction with utility providers to corrective repairs, small renovations and a fresh touch up before new tenants move in. We make use of our large local network of the best professionals (electricians, carpenters, plumbers, painters, etc.) to work for you at the most competitive price levels. All services will be carried out in full transparency and we keep track records of all inspections, maintenance requests, quotations and expenses. You will be kept fully informed on the state of affairs!


Register your property with us, or contact us directly for more information!


Seamless relocation

Everyone is unique, so every expat has his or her own individual and specific wishes when it comes to relocation. Our team at Expat@Home, all former expats, understands this. We offer customized services depending on the level of assistance required or granted. Our services may include a local orientation, finding a new home, assistance during Town hall registration and immigration process, advice and assistance while opening Dutch bank accounts, obtaining a driving licence, arranging insurance policies, finding appropriate schooling and other typical aspects associated with relocation. When assignments end, we can complete the procedure by guiding our clients through the various steps of the repatriation process, such as terminating rental contracts and cancellation of utilities.


We would be delighted to work alongside you and tailor-make the package that best suits your business and your employee’s needs to ensure a comfortable and quick settling-in process. It's our aim that all of our customers are not only fully operational from the very start, but that they also feel at home in The Netherlands from the moment they arrive.


About Us

Jeanette Siebinga completed her Master degree of Laws (with a further specialisation in rental law) and a Real Estate associate diploma in Leiden, The Netherland. In 1993, she moved with her partner to Finland, Nigeria and Australia, where she worked in various legal rolls in commercial and residential real estate, but also as a real estate agent. In 2012 she returned with her family to the Netherlands where she started her business Expat@Home.
Rachel Viersma, a child of expat parents, spent the first twelve years of her life living abroad in Qatar, Malaysia and Brunei. She completed her Master degree at the Technical University of Delft, and worked offshore in West Africa and in the North Sea from 2000 to 2004. She moved with her family to Azerbaijan in 2008 and later to India. In 2014 she relocated back to The Netherlands and started working as a relocation consultant.